Beoana Ngatane a former traditional farmer-turned cannabis farmer is steadily climbing the ladder in the cannabis business in Lesotho

By Edward Tsumele

Often when a new industry emerges, such as the cannabis industry which is currently hitting the global business world by storm, new careers and opportunities in its value chain also emerge.

It is therefore crucial for would-be-employees to be willing to learn new skills and adapt very fast to find space in such an industry.

One person that has grabbed such an opportunity in the cannabis business in Lesotho,I s Beoana Ngatane, formerly a farmer farming traditional crops, but who grabbed the opportunity to join MG Health when they advertised for an opening at their grow facility in Lesotho. Ngatane started off in a much junior position, but today he is the toast of the company as he now occupies a senior position that needs specialist skills in the cannabis grow business. He was promoted to his current position after being sent overseas for training by the company.

Today he is a happy man and is proud that he joined the cannabis business, especially because his company specializes in medical cannabis that he believes will assist in boosting the health of communities.

Ngatane is described as a goal-driven and determined Mosotho man living at Upper Thamae, in the district of Maseru, Lesotho.

In a short space of time, Beoana worked his way up from a Night Supervisor to MG Health’s Pad Manager. A “Pad” describes a greenhouse production area measuring approximately 5000 m².

During his time as a night supervisor, Ngatane  is said to have worked incredibly hard to understand the complexities of the medical Cannabis industry and learnt how to keep the cannabis  plants “happy, healthy and thriving”.

“We sent Beoana to one of the leading Cannabis producers in the world,7ACRES in Canada. There he met with their growers to discuss plant production methodologies, the challenges that they face, and how to overcome those challenges,” MG Health says.
“I am working with some of the most powerful people and pioneers in the business, producing a world-renowned plant. What more can a man want?, a satisfied Ngatane  says.
“We are incredibly proud of all that he has accomplished so far, and we can’t wait to watch him grow as he helps us produce medicine for patients around the world.
MG Health currently operates 1 pad, with plans in place to expand our capacity to three pads in the coming months,” MG Health reveals.

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