Collaborations among cannabis enterprises take shape in South Africa

By Edward Tsumele

As the cannabis industry continues to take shape in South Africa to gain market competitive advantage, it looks like vertical integration and collaborations among players in=as the way to go, and one such perfect collaboration is that whiuch exists between Felbridge and Perfect Plants. Felbridge supplies medical cannabis flowers to overseas markets grown from their grow facility in the Western Cape, while Perfect Plants supplies the seeds.

Therefore Felbridge, in collaboration with Perfect Plants, supplies cannabis facilities around the world with tissue culture sourced from leading breeders within their genetic library that are “disease and pathogen free and which come with full phytosanitary certification.”
“With a growing order book and confirmed shipments to Canada, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom and North Macedonia – we’re well placed to cater for your production requirements as & when required whether it be for flower, pharma or extraction. At Felbridge, we provide superior varieties developed by our production partners using AI driven breeding technologies which includes mapping the full cannabis plant genome – giving you exactly what you want from your crop,” the company says.

In the meantime Perfect Plants has made a huge shipment of tissue culture overseas.

“”We are thrilled to have just completed the first ever shipment of cannabis starting material from South Africa to North Macedonia! 98 rooted cannabis plants arrived safe and sound last Friday and have been introduced to their new growing environment. This is what collaboration looks like!
Perfect Plants remains the only commercial scale global producer of cannabis tissue culture in the world. Contact us to learn more about our cannabis tissue culture practice and how we can best serve you,” the company said this week.

Another collaboration that happened in recent months is that of Lesotho based cannabis grower, Highlands North Investment and Cape Town based premium cannabis lifestyle brand GoodLeaf. Highlands North produces cannabis in its Lesotho grow facility, while GoodLeaf manufactures and markets cannabis products for the local market such as a CBD range of products.

These collaborations are in line with more mature markets, especially in the US where vertical collaborations have been taking place from the time some of the states started legalising cannabis, opening up opportunities for cannabis start ups.

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