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:The new emerging cannabis  industry is worth $3000 globally

:.I n South Africa alone the cannabis industry is worth R27 billion according to Prohibition Partners, almost worth the same as the cigarette industry R30 billions) and Africa as a whole cannabis is worth R106 billion..

: On December 2, 2020 The United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs (CND) voted and removed Cannabis from its 59 year old classification as a hard drug, opening opportunities for member states to research and exploit its medicinal value.

:In the US, states are increasingly in big numbers, effecting legal reforms affecting cannabis commercial  production and/or recreational use, opening a multibillion dollar industry,  creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs and creating employment. And at Federal level Cannabis Legal Reform Bills are expected to be tabled in 2021 for the US Congress to consider relaxing laws around Cannabis, that would open an opportunity to pass laws, that for example, open the way for research into medicinal cannabis, the industrial production of hemp products as well as the commercial production and trading in CBD-fused products, such as skincare, oils, and food supplements.

Encouragingly new US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has this February been quoted  in the US media confirming that lawmakers are in the process of merging various cannabis bills, including his own legalization legislation, as the chamber works to enact reform this session.

:South Africa and other African countries have recognized the potential cannabis has for both medicinal research and industrial hemp production,  opening opportunities for entrepreneurs to get into the sector and make money, create employment and grow the economies in the face of the decimation by Covid 19.

:In South Africa, as in other African countries, laws are being reformed making it possible for experts to carry out  research into medicinal potential  and industrial hemp production, CBD oils, skin care product, manufacture of stress related  products etc

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