Hemp licensing to be issued by October, South African government Minister confirms

By CBA Correspondent                                  

The government has been slow when it comes to the legalization of cannabis, but in a clearest sign so far that suggest that the government is taking legal reforms seriously, Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural development Thoko DSidiza has confirmed that her department together with the Department of Justice will start issuing and monitoring licenses for hemp production, starting this October.

Didiza announced the plans to start issuing these licenses during her budget speech on May 13, 2021.

Her Department with the assistance of other government department have developed National Cannabis Master Plan  that will guide government policy with regards to enacting enabling legislation governing  production and trade in c annabis products in the future.

“Cannabis Master Plan, The legalisation and commercialisation of Cannabis have been at the forefront of public debate and on top of the agenda of policymakers globally. An inter-departmental team comprising of representatives from various departments was established to guide the development of the National Cannabis Master Plan with DALRRD as the convener. The Cannabis Master Plan is being presented to NEDLAC before the end of May 2021.  The Department will, as of October 2021, begin issuing and monitoring permits for the production of hemp in South Africa,” Didiza said. During her budget speech.

CBA this week was however unable to establiush how far the discussions with NEDLAC have gone with regards to the fine-tuning of the Cannabis Master Plan as nnounced by the minister.

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