Why I reserved shares for my mom in a hemp company I am part of

By Tafadzwa  Du Toit Nyamande

My mother, Lilian, just turned 68. 13 years ago she left Zimbabwe to work as a caregiver for the elderly and infirm in the UK. She did this so that me and my two sisters could finish university and graduate. She overcame so many challenges, including depression and a mild stroke. I did not meet her in person for a strait 10 years, which wasn’t easy too. She has been my biggest and sole support, and encouraged me to keep chasing and creating opportunities for myself in the hemp industry.

Recently, her fellow caregiver friend died in her sleep. Mom continues to work, but that got me thinking that its high time she retires. The work that I do is all inspired by her and now my goal is to give her a comfortable retirement as soon as possible. 1st step I took is to create a company with 10% shares reserved in her name! Happy Birthday mom!

.Tafadzwa  Du Toit Nyamande is Head of Business Development  at the Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust.

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